About us


Located in what used to be “Crossainten” which has been serving croissants, coffee and sandwiches for ages, we thought it was about time the old beauty got a makeover, so we began renovating the old shop.

We kept the old green tiles that we fell in love with, the small takeaway windows and kept the same green on the awning.
But what to do besides renovating, the name and what we thought the shop has become, was close yet so far away, still doing croissant but focusing on sandwiches, we thought it was time for a new beginning, but what to do.

Story so far

We were looking for something to eat for lunch, and were talking about sandwiches, and were talking about different ones that we tried, longing for sandwiches from the deli’s you see in the states, so we thought to ourselves why not a deli; but looking around us, there we already good places selling cheeses and meat.

So we wanted to focus on bringing what we think is the essence of delis are; the sandwiches, the pure and simple sandwiches, that are packed with flavour and local collaboration

And so we started the journey with Why Not Deli.